If you need to talk to DAALLO Airlines services and need help, please select the appropriate category for more information. You may go to customer feedback under Contact Us if you are unable to find what you are looking for here. DAALLO Airlines is pleased to provide the information that you require.

What is my reporting time at the airport for check in?
The amount of time needed to complete all check-in requirements varies depending on your itinerary. Refer to our Check-in Information for additional information.

Why am I required to provide infant information for Flight Check-In?
DAALLO Airlines collects this information to have an accurate record of all passengers onboard the aircraft.

If I left an item on my flight or at the airport, how do I contact Lost and Found office?
If you left an item at the airport or on your flight, you will need to contact the Lost and Found office of the airport from or to which you were traveling

What are the guidelines for traveling on DAALLO Airlines while pregnant?
Please Refer to Expectant Mothers under Special Services

Can I make a reservation for anyone?
Yes, to book a reservation for someone other than yourself, enter their name in the details you give your booking Agent. Tickets will be issued in their name. Your agent will provide you with information.

Can I request special assistance when making my reservation?
Yes. Please contact your travel agent or DAALLO Airlines office for all your special needs when making reservations.

What is electronic ticketing?
Electronic ticketing allows you to travel without the use of paper tickets. Ticket information is electronically stored, and you receive only a confirmation of your itinerary and receipt.

What do I do if I can not find my bag on arrival?
If you can not find your bag on arrival, you must immediately contact lost and found office located at the airport in the arrival area to which you were traveling.

What do I do when I connect DAALLO Airlines flight from another airline?
If you connecting your flight either within DAALLO Airline network or from another carrier, you must advise the check in counter to tag you bags to your final destination and ensure your tag reads the same.

What do I do when I connect DAALLO Airlines when the two airlines do not have interlined agreements?
When you are travelling on airline that does not have interlined agreement with us, your baggage will be check to the connecting point only, it your responsibility to collect your baggage and produce to DAALLO Airlines counter for rechecking. DAALLO Airlines will not be liable other wise.