Frequently Asked Questions

What is the free baggage limit?

To find out the maximum free baggage allowance when you travel, you need to take different factors into account, such as your travel route and the class you're flying in: Economy or Business Class. Generally, Business Class passengers are allowed 40kg and Economy Class passengers are allowed 30kg free baggage allowance.  For further details, please refer to terms and conditions on your ticket printout.

How can I change my travel date?

Date changes are subject to space availability. Depending on the Fare Type, you must pay a change penalty, which depend on the conditions of each Fare Type. If the original fare is not available you must also pay the different between the current and original fare. To make the date change you can contact any DAALLO Airlines office or our authorized agents in your area.

Can I fly if I’m pregnant?

Yes you can travel, as long as you meet the following requirements:
If you are 28 weeks pregnant or later you must show a medical certificate for each flight. This must specify both the estimated due date and state that you are able to fly without any risk from the departure point to the destination. Please note the medical certificate must be issued no more than 10 days before travel.

What is my reporting time at the airport for check-in ?

The amount of time needed to complete all check-in requirements varies depending on your itinerary. Refer to further information on your ticket printout.

If I left an item on my flight or at the airport, how do I contact Lost and Found Office ?

If you left an item at the airport or on your flight, you will need to contact the Lost and Found office of the airport from or to which you were traveling.

Can I buy ticket online?

Yes you can buy tickets for yourself and your family on DAALLO Airlines' website by paying through your MasterCard or VISA card.

Can I change booking or request refund for ticket booked online ?

You can change your flight through our website by clicking on "Manage My Booking" tab and paying appropriate fee through Credit Card. For processing of refund for totally un-utilized ticket, please contact our Dubai Office by sending email to:  Please allow at least 4-5 days for processing of refund through credit card.

How can I book wheelchair?

You can request wheelchair while making booking through any of our travel agents by paying appropriate fee, if applicable. 

What do I do if I cannot find my bag on arrival?

If you cannot find your bag on arrival, you must immediately contact DAALLO Airlines staff for further information.

What do I do when I connect DAALLO Airlines flight from/to another airline?

DAALLO Airlines make sure that its all flights operate as per schedule so that its passengers can connect to other airlines in a timely manner.  However, DAALLO Airlines is a point-to-point airline and do not take responsibility of any misconnection due to late arrival of its flight. Passengers are urged to make their bookings on other airlines by keeping a margin of at least 5-6 hours between connections. 

What do I do when I connect DAALLO Airlines when the two airlines do not have interlined agreements?

When you are traveling on airline that does not have interline agreement with us, your baggage will be checked to the connecting point only, it is your responsibility to collect your baggage and produce to DAALLO Airlines counter for re-checking. DAALLO Airlines will not be liable otherwise.