DAALLO Airlines will make all necessary attempts to ensure passenger baggage is carried to its final destination. However, the airline’s extent of liability is restricted to the weight of luggage and not the value, therefore, DAALLO Airlines will not accept any liability for Fragile, Valuable and Perishable items packed in the luggage.

We recommend to our passengers to label all their baggage with visual markings such as Name, Address, Telephone numbers and Destination for easy identification of their luggage incase the tag accidentally comes off their baggage during handling. DAALLO Airlines will supply stickers at free of charge to its passengers at check in counters or through travel agents. Please attach these stickers on or inside your baggage before you approach the check in counter.

Connection Your Baggage to DAALLO Airlines Flights

DAALLO Airlines has concluded interlined agreements with various airlines, which means, each airline we have such an agreement with, accepts each others tickets and baggage. However, it is the responsibility of individual passenger to ask the airline at the counter to have their baggage check to their final destination; and in this case you will be required to produce your confirmed onward ticket or evidence of booking to connect between the two airlines. Ensure your baggage is checked to final destination, check before you leave the counter.

If you are holding two separate tickets from two different airlines, it is recommended that you show both the tickets to the check in agent in order to assist you with your baggage requirements, your connection process.

In case you are holding tickets of airlines that we do not have interline agreement with, it recommended you as your ticket agent or check in counter staff who will be please to notify you of the same.

In case you are holding such ticket, you will be required to check your baggage to the first point and clear your baggage from customs for recheck in at the connecting point. DAALLO Airlines however, will assist such passenger to retag their baggage at a small fee, however, does not take any responsibility or liability if the delivering carrier failed to deliver the baggage at the connecting point. It is therefore, the passenger’s own responsibility to collect the baggage from arrival halls and produce for rechecking.

DAALLO Airlines will only take full responsibility of the baggage once it is traced, tagged with its own baggage tag and the tag handed over to the passenger as evidence of receipt of the baggage from the delivering carrier.

Normal liability and procedure will apply for any loss or damage to the luggage once we confirm to have received your baggage in our possession and re tagged.