IATA regulations and in various airports we operate prohibits the acceptance of bags that weighs more than 32kgs per single piece, into or out of or via International Airports. This, however, does not affect the free baggage allowance, but helps in better distribution of weight.This restriction is due to health and safety reasons, is imposed at most airports, by either the airport authorities or by the ground handling companies. On the DAALLO Airlines network these restrictions are imposed at United Kingdom (Gatwick), France and Dubai UAE, Kenya.

Handicapped passengers' additional allowance:
One fully collapsible wheelchair and/or a pair of crutches/braces may be carried free, if the passenger is dependent on them. These items will have to be loaded in the aircraft hold. A seeing-eye dog/hearing dog escorting blind/deaf passengers must be loaded in the hold in kennels and will not be permitted in the cabin. Special arrangements must be made during ticketing and booking of flight.

Sports Equipment Scuba diving equipment:
In addition to the normal checked baggage allowances, an additional 10kgs of scuba diving equipment may be carried free of charge to any DAALLO Airlines online destination. The diving equipment will normally consist of diving suits, flippers, masks, snorkels, buoyancy control devices, etc. Air bottles are allowed.Baggage in excess of this and for interline sectors will be charged at normal excess baggage rates. This applies to all passengers and all classes. Check the baggage allowance against the appropriate fare paid.

Sporting weapons and ammunition:
These are weapons designed for sporting purposes such as target pistols and rifles/air guns/safari rifles/hunting rifles etc. Weapons, firearms and their ammunitions can be carried in and as checked baggage only and under the following conditions:

  • The firearm must be unloaded, i.e. free of ammunition (bullets).
  • If possible, the firearm must be dismantled and packed inside a suitcase or in a standard gun case.
  • The maximum gross weight of the ammunition must not exceed five (5) Kgs per passenger. When passengers travel in groups, the ammunition for the entire group must not be packed in one package or suitcase. It must be packed separately, not exceeding five (5) Kgs per bag/suitcase.
  • The ammunition must be securely packed in a sealed and strong box and the box must be packed inside a suitcase and surrounded by other contents.
  • The suitcase containing ammunition must not bear an ‘Explosive’ label.

Carriage of arms/ammunition and travelling on DAALLO Airlines:
Passengers who wish to travel with arms/ammunition on DAALLO Airlines as checked baggage, must get prior clearance from the Ministry of Defense and Customs of the destination. To obtain this - passengers must liaise directly with the government departments and receive a no objection certificate to be produced at the time of check in.

Carriage of arms/ammo and transiting:
For transfer and transit passengers who are connecting to onward flights beyond any transit point, a prior clearance has to be obtained from the Airport Police department and from Department of Civil Aviation (DCA).

Golf equipment:
In addition to normal free excess baggage allowance, one set of golfing equipment per passenger consisting of a set of clubs and a pair of golf shoes, will be carried free, on all DAALLO Airlines sectors. This applies to all classes. Where the journey involves interline travel, carriage on the DAALLO Airlines sector(s) will be free, while charges on the other airlines' sector(s) will be as per the standard IATA procedure, if the golf bag is in excess of the permissible free baggage allowance. A second set of golf equipment will be charged at normal excess baggage charges, if it exceeds the baggage allowance. Please ensure that the golf bag is suitable for travel in the cargo hold i.e. it should have a closed bag cover that protects the equipment.

Dangerous Goods:
Dangerous Goods are articles or substances that may pose health and safety hazards to the aircraft or its passengers. Dangerous Goods are also referred to as restricted articles, hazardous materials and dangerous cargo. Transportation of such goods is primarily regulated by Civil Aviation Regulations. Goods falling under the category of Dangerous Goods are not allowed in passenger or crew-checked baggage or cabin baggage, except as mentioned in the table below.

A guide to Dangerous Goods:

Transportation of Dangerous Goods:
All Dangerous Goods must be declared or unpacked prior to take-off. Dangerous Goods are not allowed in carry-on or checked baggage, except as indicated in the table above. Passengers intending to transport these goods must appropriately pack, label and provide documentation for them.